PT. Multi Elexindo Indah known as Mulxindo was founded in 1981 at Jakarta selling stoves, washing machines and freezers. Under the leadership of its founder, the company within three years grew to almost twenty sales team members doing 'door-to-door' sales of free-standing gas cookers, washing machines and semi commercial freezers. As the company grew as well as the market needs was changing, in 1984, the company changed its sales strategies channel from 'door-to-door' sales to distribution network joining hand in hand with its major dealers to promote and sell the products. Mulxindo is known as the leader to introduce fully integrated built-in kitchen appliances in the market where by then, were mostly dominated by free-standing gas cooking appliances. In 1993 as the sales and company organization grew, the Management has decided to divide the Sales Department into two divisions, Commercial Refrigeration and Home Appliances. It has always been the Management's major concern to server its customers with the company's most effort by giving priority to its service team members to serve customers' needs at best.
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